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High Quality Electrochemical Gas Sensor

Sensor technology is the basis of all Senko products. We are constantly investing in R&D to develop our own products that can not be imitated by developing our own technology.

Now, it is not competitive to make a product with the developed sensor. We will develop new products that will win in the market by developing everything from sensor to product according to the requirements of the market.

Oxygen (O2)

Galvanic cell (lead-oxygen battery)
0~100% Oxygen

Model #SS1118 (O2) 요약정보


• Ideal for portable instrument

• Industry safety (ambient air monitoring appllications)

• Combustion efficiency analysis

• Gas blending

• Food storage monitoring

• Medical application

• Etc.

현재 상품 상세설명



Performance Characteristics

Sensor Type Galvanic cell (lead-oxygen battery)

Measurement Range

0~100% Oxygen

Output Signal

6±1.5mV in air @ 25℃ 60%RH


<±1.0% Full scale @ constant temperature and pressure

T90 Response Time

<15sec for 90% response

Output Linearity


Zero Offset Voltage

Less than 0.5mV in 100% N2 @ 25℃ 40% RH

Cross Interference

Less than 0.1% O2 response to
0~100% CO2
0~1% NOx, CO, H2, H2S


Temperature Range Continuous

-10℃ to +50℃

Pressure Range

700 to 1300 mbar

Operating Humidity Range

5% to 95% Rh (Non-condensing)

Life Time


Less than 1% drift over 8 hours and more @constant temperature and pressure

Recommended Storage Temp

0℃ to 20℃

Expected Operating Life

≥24 months in air

Standard Warranty

18 months from the date of dispatch