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Design & Upgrade Your Gas Monitoring System

SENKO manufactures various types of controllers that receive alarm signals from fixed gas detectors. SENKO provide SENKO GMS(Gas Monitoring System) that collects the signals of all fixed gas detectors installed in the factory and manages them.
Professional SENKO engineers are ready to visits customer to help design a complete gas monitoring system.


가스누설경보 수신부(멀티채널)

Model #SI-100IM 요약정보


SI-100IM 제품은 멀티 형으로 Main Alarm Unit와 Alarm Display Unit로 구성되어 있으며 1개의 Main Unit 으로 부터 Alarm Unit을 1채널에서 최대10채널까지 다양하게 제작 할 수 있다. SI-100IM 제품은 DIN Type로 설계되어 Wall Mount Panel Type과 Free Standing Type 또는 19"Rack Type 등 다양하게 설계하여 설치 할 수 있다.



현재 상품 상세설명



Main Alarm Unit

Alarm Display Unit

Model No



Measuring Range

0-30V FND Digital Display

0.000 to 9999 Digital User Setting

Measuring Display

4Digit FND Digital Display
18 LED Bar Graph, Battery, B/Z Stop (V Unit Display)

4Digit F.N.D Digital Display
40 LED Bar Graph (%, PPM, LEL Unit Display)

Alarm Display

Fault, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Alarm ICON
AU01~AU10 (Alarm Unit, indicating in order)

Fault, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Alarm ICON
40 Red Arrow LED Graph(

Alarm Sound

Buzzer 92dB

Input Signal

4-20mA Full Scale

Output Signal

1st, 2nd, 3rd Relay Dry Contact, 12V.DC

Fault, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Relay Dry Contact, 4-20mA, 12V.DC


FND Digital ±1% Full Scale or 1Digit (Whichever is greater)

FND Digital ±1% Full Scale or 1Digit (Whichever is greater)

Alarm Set

depend on configuration of SI-100IA

1st, 2nd, 3rd Alarm Setting 40 Red Arrow LED Graph() Setting

Alarm Reset

Manual Total Reset & HMI

Manual Local Reset

Self Test

Battery Test Switch (AC/DC)

Test Switch (0~Max Range 10sec)

Scan Time



Back-Up Battery

Ni-Cd Battery 18V 600mA (3, 6Channel)

Operating Power

110/220V.AC 50/60Hz (or 24V.DC)

Temperature / Humidity

-20ºC ~ 60ºC, 95%RH

-20ºC ~ 60 ºC, 95%RH


Main Channel Card : 40(W) × 130(H) x104(D)mm

Alarm Channel Card : 40(W) × 130(H) x104(D)mm

Operating in/out

RS-485 Modbus (SI-100ICU)_Option

Total Weight & Dimensions

3CH : 7.3kg, 6CH : 10kg

Wall Mount Panel 3CH : 278.5(W) × 450(H) x115(D)mm

Wall Mount Panel 6CH : 398.5(W) × 450(H) x115(D)mm


Built-in light bar


SI-100IM 규격.PNG


01. 세련된 디자인에 심플한 구조

02. 4Digit F.N.D Digital 표시

03. 40 LED Bar Graph (%, PPM, LEL단위 표시)

04. Power, Fault, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Alarm 아이콘

05. 40 Red Arrow LED Graph(◁) 표시

06. 쉬운 영점 보정 및 가스교정 기능 내장

07. 자가 진단 테스트 기능

08. 교정 횟수 표시 (센서 효율 측정)

09. 기본적으로 정전 시 에도 사용 가능한 밧데리 기능 내장

10. 설정 상태를 기억 하여 오 조작 시 불러오기 기능 내장